How to Blind a Security Camera

how to Blind a Security Camera

When you want to obscure your identity, a good way is to blind the security camera. Keep in mind that this way you only hide your identity and not your presence as well. Someone who’s watching through the camera may tell that you’re there, but they can’t really pinpoint what you’re doing exactly.

There are many ways to blind a security camera and some use LED, whereas other may include covering up the lens of the camera.

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1.       Use Leds

When we talk about this method, we mean in fact several other methods that imply the use of LEDs.

·         You may use a strong LED to shine directly into the security camera lens.

The brighter your flashlight, the better the chances for you to blind the camera. It’s best to use a small device that is very easy to store and carry around.

Keep in mind that you may use this method only in the dark, which means some trips at night or an enclosed space also.

·         Always hold steady the LEDs and never drop the light beam away from the camera lens, as you don’t want to reveal your face.

Never shine the light onto your face. Practice a bit for a steady hand and make sure you’re always fast and accurate and using this method.

·         Block your face with the LEDS.

When you know for sure where the camera is, shine the light straight into the lens. If you’re doing it right, you should create a lens flare so that it’s impossible for others to identify you. This isn’t quite the most subtle method as the sudden flash may alert an eagle-eyed guard. If the odds aren’t in your favor, you should at least use the bright light to obscure your face.

·         Add infrared LEDs to your clothes.

If you want immediate results, use a string of bright lights to a hat or a headband. If you got the skills for it, take it to the next level and craft yourself a LED “mask” that obscures your face even better. You just need to make sure the lights are bright enough to hide your face, but not too bright…You don’t want it to blind you either!

2.       Use Infrared Laser

You may also get some help from the infrared laser and here are some methods for you to try when in need:

·         Point the infrared laser straight into the lens of the camera.

Some like this one better as it’s more subtle, but you do need to be highly accurate. The camera may catch your face the second your laser-point slips away from the lens. You should act fast and be prepared at all time so that nobody detects you.

We also like this method as you can use it at both day and night, even though it’s slightly more efficient in the dark.

We also like it, as you don’t need to use some special laser pointer. Any standard ones will do. Keep in mind though that the stronger the laser, the more impressive the blinding effect.

·         Check for other cameras.

As you do need to focus when using this method, it means you may only blind one camera with one laser. The laser isn’t as obvious as LEDs or flashlights, but its performances are limited. If you need to blind more than one camera at once, you do need, as many lasers as there are security cameras. Therefore, you may not want to do it on your own…

·         Keep in mind the shortcomings.

The camera is able to see you until you aim the laser in the right way. Anything coming between the laser and the camera is going to un-blind the camera. It’s a bit like walking blind-sided, as you can’t tall from your end of the camera if you’re aiming your laser in the right way.

Note to self: Never point the laser into your eye as you may blind yourself. It’s better to wear dark glasses for vision protection, but you’re not completely protected.

3.       Cover the Camera Lens

You may get as creative as you want when it comes to this method and we’re only giving you some ideas.

·         Use some tape

Get some duct tape, masking tape or anything else that is opaque. Be patient and cover up the completely recording area. Keep in mind to do it with your face hidden…you don’t want to be identified, remember.

·         Smudge some jelly onto the lens

Either it’s Vaseline or petroleum jelly, or any other viscous substance, it doesn’t matter. You want the picture to come out blurry so any viscous substance will do. Use a sticky, yet easy to spread food substance. You may use some peanut butter, jam or even butter. You only need to remember to coat the whole surface of the lens.

Try not to leave any fingerprints on the camera, as visual detection isn’t the only way people may identify you…

·         Cover up the whole camera

Take it to the next level and do it all the way by simply blocking the view of the security camera with a larger object. You may tape or tie a bag, a large piece of fabric over the lens. What counts is that you block the camera’s line of sight with a screen or board.

Long story short, you may also use a shirt or even a scarf to cover up the camera. Just make sure though that the piece of clothing that you’re leaving isn’t traced back to you…

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